HungerFree Quarterly, Vol. 3 : Empower

HungerFree Quarterly, Vol. 3 : Empower


This issue of HungerFree Quarterly is all about empowerment, and naturally we’re focusing on coffee’s ability to build and empower communities. Inside, you’ll find unique handmade items to share the joy of coffee with others. Each product of HFQ Vol. 3 empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

Vol. 3 includes:

  • A bag of coffee roasted at Matchstick Coffee in Vancouver
  • Custom coffee sleeves from Ubuntu Made, hand-stitched by Kenyan women
  • Two mugs from JustPotters, hand-crafted by Canadians facing barriers to work
  • Five original coffee-inspired recipes created by Dennis the Prescott, Aimée Wimbush-Bourque, Voula Halliday, Charlene Theodore and Spencer Viehweger
  • Issue 3 of HungerFree Quarterly Mini Magazine, available exclusively in Vol. 3, featuring inspiring stories about empowerment and the impact of coffee

Each box directly empowers young people in Kilifi, Kenya through an innovative, new project by World Vision and the UN's World Food Programme.