Most things in life are better, more efficient, and just plain fun when we work together. This idea is foundational to HungerFree quarterly. We knew that we couldn't create a subscription product that inspires people to gather, educates them on the issues of hunger in our modern world, and actually makes impact towards a HungerFree world alone. So we didn't. We did our research and rallied some friends. Each HungerFree Quarterly box is created with partners who are serious about celebrating food and empowering others to rise above poverty. And we truly couldn't do it without them.


Ubuntu Made is a line of products handcrafted by our friends in Kenya, connecting people around the world - from their hands to yours. Each time you purchase an Ubuntu Made product, you're participating in a unique collaboration that is creating jobs and vibrancy within a community in a developing country.


Mango Patch is passionate about making beautiful homes. They design and make products that make your home stylish while helping women who live in impoverished rural areas of Kenya earn a wage that empowers them to change their lives, resulting in changing communities.


The Banana Box Company has been working with Kenyan artists, craftsmen and women for over twenty years. They believe in supporting the East African community and in promoting African culture. They also believe in protecting the environment by using only sustainably produced raw materials and, wherever possible, in recycling materials that would otherwise go to waste or pollute the environment.


Onetouch Live is a visual art collective united in the common desire to document the cultures and beauty of Africa. Their individual perceptions about Africa have changed. Now it’s their turn to change the world's.


Dennis Prescott is a food writer, recipe developer, and food photographer. Dennis writes a weekly column for Food & Wine Magazine/FWx. This summer, The Globe & Mail added Prescott to their prestigious Food 53 roundup, a list of the top food influencers in Canada. His debut cookbook, Eat Delicious, will be released worldwide next spring.