There are 1.2 billion young people in the world, and almost 90% of them live in developing countries where resources and opportunities are scarce.

We have a vision to empower more than 15,000 young people in Kenya over the next five years. In addition to fueling impact through our product partners in Kenya, a portion of your subscription box helps support an innovative economic empowerment project in Kilifi County, Kenya.

In Kenya, the average age of a farmer is 60 years old, yet more than half the population is under the age of 24. Many of today’s young people are disproportionately affected by hunger, extreme poverty and unemployment. This gap will continue to widen. We can change this.

Your subscription to HungerFree Quarterly will help unlock the potential of young people by contributing to innovative new work in Kenya.

World Vision is partnering with the UN’s World Food Programme to equip vulnerable young people with the nutritious food they need today and the skills and resources they need to be hungerfree for a lifetime.

A hungerfree world will only be possible when we empower young people with the skills and opportunities to break cycles of poverty and hunger once and for all.