This is not a box you open and set aside, it’s a box you use and share over and over again. We’ve carefully selected products, stories and partners that allow you to create your own HungerFree experience. Here’s how you can get the most from your HungerFree Quarterly subscription box:

Start with the Mini-Magazine. This publication is filled with stories and images about World Vision’s work towards creating a HungerFree world. It’s a celebration of food and community! Plus, you’ll learn what else needs to happen to make a hungerfree world a reality, and be inspired with personal reflections from those who have seen these programs first hand. All of which equip YOU to do your part to help make a hungerfree world a possible from where you are.

Plan your gathering. Each box’s theme equips you to rally friends behind an experience. The first box is all about creating together, especially around food. Invite friends to create recipes by food blogger and photographer Dennis the Prescott, and use the hand picked items from our partners in Kenya to share in the experience.

Use the products. Each product is hand picked (and usually custom made!) by quality suppliers empowering communities. Keep your recipes by Dennis the Prescott in your Ubuntu canvas recipe holder, made by mothers in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. Use the spoons and pinch dishes made by artisans of Banana Box in Nairobi, Kenya to help bring those recipes to life. If you need to tidy things along the way, your hand printed tea towel made by the women of Mango Patch in Molo, Kenya will do the job. These products were made for actual use, and we hope you feel inspired to create because of them.

Inspire others. We believe a HungerFree World is possible when we work together, and we hope you’ll join us in this. Your HFQ box supports HungerFree work in Kenya that is empowering youth with work and livelihood skills to prepare them to be economically self sufficient. So you are creating change in the lives of others, while also celebrating food and community! Making an impact can be easy and fun. So use your HFQ experience to inspire others to the same!

Repeat. Each box is a new experience that celebrates food and community with new stories and hand picked products. The boxes’ themes complement each other, allowing you to combine products from all your boxes as you receive a new one each quarter!