When Tiny Obsessions Change the World

By James Pedrick, World Vision’s Hunger Free Team

I have a confession: I love subscription boxes! For one thing, it’s nice to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill or junk mail. But even more so, I love the anticipation – opening up my box to see what curated surprise someone had in store for me and my tribe.

Subscription boxes are very popular right now. They cater to the little things we are obsessed with – whether it be food, fashion or superheroes (shout out to all you fellow Marvel fans out there!)


For my wife’s birthday, I subscribed to one of those well-known food delivery subscriptions. Every week, we get a crate of all the ingredients we need and then we get to try  out new recipes. At first, my wife did all the cooking – but after awhile, I found the easy instructions enabled me to begin learning how to cook the meals. All of a sudden, I’m making world-class dishes, rather than my typical grilled cheese. 

This box has made me a better husband and father. My wife is no longer the only one in the kitchen making amazing meals, and I find myself equally caring about the foods that we eat and introduce to our daughter.

My hope is that might be a similar story behind Hunger Free Quarterly. 


Our little obsession is the possibility of a hunger free world. We believe that when we empower families and communities to produce enough food through tools, skills and resources, they become hunger free for today and tomorrow. Each box helps fund this vision by supporting an innovative new project to empower young people in Kenya through World Vision and WFP.

From what we can tell, there’s nothing like what we have built available elsewhere. For a while, we weren’t entirely sure a humanitarian organisation like World Vision had any business creating a subscription box. But we are now convinced that we’ve created an amazing product – full of unique purposeful products that each have a story to tell through the hands that shaped them, original recipes from food bloggers that share our passion and a breathtaking mini-mag full of beautiful photos and inspiring stories.

Yep, Hunger Free Quarterly is an experience like none other. 

And just like that curated box of recipes and ingredients has made me a better husband, my hope is that Hunger Free Quarterly can help make better global citizens.


I think the greatest thing about Hunger Free Quarterly is that it invites us into a journey. – to understand and follow the impact we are fueling with each box, to care about the products we use and to be part of a community that is united around this vision of a hunger free world.

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