3 Reasons Dennis the Prescott Joined Hunger Free Quarterly

By Dennis The Prescott, photographer, chef & Hunger Free Quarterly Contributor 

When I consider the past year and my whirlwind schedule, time and again I come back to my adventure with the Hunger Free team in Kenya. From the Northern Highlands to the Southern Coast, we spent time cooking with families, laughing together, and learning about local cuisine, as well as food access and sustainability challenges. We saw World Vision Canada’s development work and it's life-changing results for folks all over the country.

I saw what it means to choose joy in the face of desperation. And I left that beautiful country heartbroken, challenged, energized, and inspired; believing in a Hunger Free world.

The challenge of combating and eradicating global hunger can feel overwhelming and, at times, impossible. It’s a mountain, an Everest. The good news? Mountains were meant to be summited, they were made to be conquered.

So, what does this mean for us? Where do we start? How are we, living our daily lives in North America, going to create change that helps communities all over the planet not only survive, but thrive? I don’t have all the answers but I believe we have to start somewhere. We have to take steps, which is why I am a part of Hunger Free Quarterly, a new subscription box that directly empowers young people in Kenya to become hunger free.

You can take this step with me. Here are 3 reasons why I joined Hunger Free Quarterly and why I think you should, too:


1. Partnership 

We must find unique ways to partner with folks on the ground, who are living and working in these communities. It’s the only way to ignite long-lasting change. Local programs, run by local people, fighting local challenges, and celebrating local success. People who understand what will be beneficial short and long term. This is healing, not simply a Band-Aid.

Through partnering with companies that work with local artisans, Hunger Free created custom products that are beautiful and useful. These companies and artisans know the local and regional challenges that their communities face. And these products are handmade responsibility.

 HFQ also includes 5 recipe from me. We picked recipes that are best created with other people, including a recipe from my time cooking in Kenya, Chipati. Plus, the Hunger Free team created a mini-magazine with stories of World Vision’s work in Kenya and partnered with my friend, photographer Joe Were, to give you a local’s perspective of the beautiful cultures found in Kenya.

As if that wasn’t enough, your purchase helps fund a radical new empowerment program that World Vision is partnering with WFP to do in Kilifi County, Kenya, where 15,000 young people will have the knowledge and skills to become hunger free for a lifetime.

2. Experience + Things

I would much rather prioritize and spend money on experiences over things. But lets face it, things are nice too. So another reason HFQ is worth joining is that you get both experience AND things.

 HFQ Vol.1 is called “create” and all the things included help you do that in your community. You get to take those handmade products that are actually quality, useful things and my recipes and cook in your kitchen. And the beautifully done mini-magazine gives tangible stories and inspiration for why and how to create a hunger free world.


3. Food should be enjoyed!

I love the way food brings people together. It’s why I started cooking, and why I continue to. Enjoying food is a unique experience that everyone in the world can, and should, enjoy. HFQ is bringing together artists, designers, writers, and chefs all rallied around one goal – a Hunger Free world. 

Through Hunger Free Quarterly you not only partner with a team of world-changing, passionate folks whose goal of eradicating global hunger is the driver in all that they do, but you partner with artisans from the very communities that are working to become hunger free. Join me as we create together and empower others through the experience.

You can get the first box at quarterly.hungerfree.org and sign up for a yearly subscription. 

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