Quarterly Vol. 3: What's in the box?

Create, Celebrate … Empower! With the tools to create and the community to celebrate with, HFQ Vol. 3 is all about being empowered and empowering others through coffee. Each product in Vol. 3 has been uniquely hand-crafted to share the joy of coffee with others.

Here’s what you’ll find:

A bag of coffee roasted at Matchstick Coffee in Vancouver
We love being a part of the journey our food takes to get to our plate, and coffee is no exception. The folks at Matchstick Coffee believe that using a match to light a fire is a symbol for getting down & dirty to create. They roast their own coffee, travel to meet the people who grow their beans and support agriculture in the yards of their neighbourhood.

Custom coffee sleeves from Ubuntu Made, hand-stitched by Kenyan women
These sleeves will keep your fingers comfortably warm, as you think of the story behind them and share new stories with friends and families. Ubuntu Made focuses their efforts on specific Kenyan communities, creating full time jobs including benefits like health care for their artisans and families. This is unheard of in Kenya, with only 10% of the country under health coverage. It also empowers their makers with stability and support for their families.

Two mugs hand-crafted by JustPotters
JustPotters is an enterprise by JustWork, a non-profit in Vancouver that provides opportunities for Canadians facing barriers to work. They believe in creating pottery that has a story and purpose. Their high-quality, beautiful pieces foster material, personal and social renewal. We love that they value the beauty, creativity and hard work of every person, and believe in dignifying workplaces that help create healthy communities and empower individuals with meaningful employment.

Five original coffee-inspired recipes
This volume’s recipe set includes original recipes by Dennis the Prescott, Aimee Wimbush-Borque, Voula Halliday and Charlene Theodore. Spencer Viehweger, co-founder and co-owner of Matchstick Coffee has also provided his recipe for the ideal cup of coffee.

Issue 3 of HungerFree Quarterly Mini Magazine
Available exclusively in Vol. 3, this issue features inspiring stories about empowerment and the impact of coffee.

We hope that you use each of these pieces the way they were intended to be loved and used daily, with a overflowing cup full of hope for a HungerFree world.

Box 3 is now shipping! Order yours today.

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