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One Touch Live Partners

By Jillian Zieske, World Vision’s Hunger Free Team

The best perspective of a place, a culture, a people is from the people themselves. Hunger Free Quarterly, our new subscription box available exclusively in Canada, is designed to create sustainable change in lives of young people in Kenya through an experience you have where you are. As we set out to tell stories of inspiration and impact in Kenya we wanted them to feel personal and not gimicky or staged, so we reached out to our partners, One Touch Live.


One Touch Live is a collective of Kenyan Photographers who are united in the common desire to document the cultures and beauty of Africa. They do this through their Instagram accounts, photography, and art.


For Hunger Free Quarterly Volume 1 we worked closely with One Touch photographer, Joe Were. He traveled through Kenya with the Hunger Free team to document stories through his own personal lens. Being Kenyan, Joe brings an authentic perspective and feel that stock photos or non-local photographers may not be able to invoke.


One Touch Live is another layer of unique authenticity present in Hunger Free Quarterly. We believe food should be a celebration that everyone gets to enjoy, in their own context. So gather with your friends, create good food, and celebrate together! Share and think big about ways you can use your creativity to celebrate the place, culture, and people in your life, too.

Hunger Free Quarterly is more than a subscription box, it’s a journey filled with impact. Available exclusively to Canadian residents it equips you to gather with your community, while also directly impacting youth empowerment and food programs in Kenya through the work of World Vision. Ready for yours? Get it here!


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