Not Your Typical Way to Give: HungerFree Quarterly is Intentional

By Jillian Zieske, World Vision’s HungerFree

I’m a millennial, and lately I’ve been reading some fascinating research about my generation. Apparently what we buy, what we eat (and how we eat it) and what we care about is really messing with the status quo. 

For non-profits, it’s making fundraising a bit more challenging. Some say we don’t give enough money or we expect too much in return. But I believe the truth is that our generation is intentional: we are intentional about the things we buy, how we spend our time and where we give our money because we know it will create impact. We are intentional about choosing intentional impact.


We want to know we are making a difference; that the products we buy are ethical, that the brands we follow care about social good and that the money we give is going to actually make an impact in someone’s life, not just go into someone’s pocket.

At World Vision Canada, our team was asked to create something new so we chose to make something that we would want, with products we actually buy and use and innovative impact that we believe needs to happen. 

The result? HungerFree Quarterly. If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet, you know that subscription boxes are all the rage. Products intentionally curated to meet your current obsession, whether it be pop culture, fashion or shaving… there really is a box for everyone! 


Since we are obsessed about making a hungerfree world possible, we worked with our friends in Kenya and in Canada to design a subscription box that will help create that hungerfree world through funds AND provide an experience for you, the subscriber, and your community. Here’s what you’ll find when you open a HungerFree Quarterly box:

  • Exclusive hand-crafted products from Kenya made by our social good impact partners. We partner with other organizations and companies who empower artisans through employment and resources so lives can be changed. We can’t do this alone!  We think you’re going to love the products our artisan friends have made. In Volume 1, we’ve partnered with Ubuntu to create a custom canvas recipe holder, Mango Patch to create a custom printed tea towel, and Banana Box to create cow bone spoons as well as hand painted pinch dishes. 
  • A unique experience that brings your friends together through a love of food and desire for a hungerfree world. Each box has recipes, stories, and products that equip you to host a themed experience centered around food and community. In Volume 1, we partnered with chef and photographer extraordinaire Dennis the Prescott, to curate a box around cooking together with recipes inspired by his trip to Kenya. Plus, each HungerFree Quarterly box includes a mini-magazine with stories of our partners, pull out quotes, and articles that inspire you to take action.
  • World-changing empowerment so that Kenyan young people become hungerfree. We have a vision to equip more than 15,000 unemployed young people in Kenya over the next five years. In addition to fueling impact through our product partners in Kenya, a portion of your subscription box helps support an innovative economic empowerment project between World Vision and the UN World Food Programme in Kilifi County, Kenya.

We believe in experiences over things, and we are very excited to share our passion, love and hard-work with you! We hope this helps shake up what it looks like to make a difference through what your purchase.

Learn more at the HungerFree Quarterly website, where you can subscribe or simply try out the first box. 

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