Meet our co-creators

Meet the food influencers who believe that a hungerfree world is possible and who co-created HungerFree Quarterly Volume 3: Empower!

Among the beautiful artisan products you’ll find within this volume’s Quarterly Box, which showcase the way coffee empowers people around the world, you’ll also find unique recipe cards by featured chefs and food bloggers!

In Volume 3: Empower, we will be featuring recipes from Dennis the Prescott, Aimée Wimbush-Bourque, Voula Halliday and Charlene Theodore.



Dennis the Prescott is a chef, photographer and writer. We’re in love with his beautiful instagram feed, that is equal parts hunger-inducing and museum-worthy.

His newly released book Eat Delicious features comfort food from around the globe that can be prepared by any home cook, no matter their skill level. Dennis believes good food isn't processed or precious. Good food is delicious, fun to make and should be shared with others.



Aimée Wimbush-Bourque is a former chef-turned modern homesteader, food blogger and cookbook author. She is the editor and main writer of Simple Bites where she chronicles her family food life from the dining room table to honest tips to cooking with kids. We adore her authentic and refreshing recipes that bring up warm, fuzzy feelings of community and family.

Her book Brown Eggs and Jam Jars will inspire you to connect your family and food right where you are in life — from growing your own tomatoes to making a batch of homemade pickles. It’s packed with practical tips and tutorials and features a collection of all-new personal food essays.



Voula Halliday is a Cordon Bleu trained chef and writer with extensive experience in the food industry. Something that inspires us about Voula, is that she believes fresh food is the ultimate start to good health and cooking your own food is a powerful way to take care of yourself and your family!

Voula’s recipes are full of ingredients that are easy to source, easy to use, beneficial to your health, and taste delicious! Her cookbook Eat At Home, draws from all of her experience as she lovingly puts her energy and know-how into showing how you too can form new cooking and eating habits and discover that the effort is worth it.



Charlene Theodore is a Toronto lawyer with a passion for food and philanthropy. She is the founder of Chew Street, a platform for sharing good food stories of people in the industry who use their platform to create positive social change.

We love her uplifting Instagram feed, featuring Monday morning motivation, fun recipes and great local restaurants who are passionate about food sustainability and fostering community!

A passion to empower others and to see a HungerFree world for all people has motivated this collaboration. Together this incredible team has created an inspiring Hungerfree quarterly box filled to the brim with delicious recipes great for sharing with friends and family. Be sure to try and taste every carefully designed recipe when you get the latest HungerFree Quarterly Box – Volume 3: Empower.

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