Hunger Free Quarterly Vol. 2- It's Worth Celebrating!

By Alissa Sandoval, World Vision’s Hunger Free Team

There’s a reason Hunger Free Quarterly, Vol. 1 is numbered. Vol. 2 is officially here! Shipping begins in late March, but you can pre-order it now! Just like HFQ Vol. 1, each box directly empowers young people to become hunger free through an innovative, new project by World Vision and the UN’s World Food Programme in Kilifi, Kenya.

The theme for Vol. 2 is “Celebrate”. Through this box, we invite you to celebrate everything from the big triumphs in life, to the tiny victories, and all of life that falls in between. And most importantly, we invite you bring people together to celebrate food! This box combines the joy of food and the joy of gathering through handmade products from Kenya, inspiring stories of work towards ending hunger, and recipes by chef Aimée Wimbush-Bourque to help you celebrate!

This celebration-worthy box includes:

Set of Gourd Candles
Reclaimed from Kenyan gourds, these candle holders set the mood at any table. They are hand carved by Banana Box artisans, making each unique and directly supporting the work of local Kenyan artisans.

Table Runner
We partnered with Mango Patch to create a custom Hunger Free Quarterly designed table runner you won’t find anywhere else. Screen printed and sewn with sustainable materials, local artisans are given fair wages, medical support and even child care. Each table runner transforms lives by supporting local women who would otherwise be unemployed.

Wooden Salad Spoons
These salad spoons are carved from wood and hand-polished, reclaimed cow bones that would otherwise go to waste. Banana Box, in Nairobi, harnesses the skills and talent of Kenyan craftsmen and women to create beautiful products while helping lift them and their communities out of poverty.

Canvas Coasters
Ubuntu, featured on Whole Planet, Forbes and Jimmy Kimmel Live, designed custom canvas coasters exclusively for Hunger Free Quarterly. Each features their signature side stitching and beaded tag, a tribute to Maasai beading work, plus a tag signed by the artisan who made it. Best of all, each set of coasters helps Ubuntu support women and children with disabilities in their community.

Recipe Cards
These recipes are by Food Blogger, Author and Mom, Aimée Wimbush-Bourque. Printed on beautiful long lasting stock cards, we hope you’ll invite your friends to create beautiful food experiences with you!

We’ve put postcards in Box #2 so you can invite your friends to your celebration! Stunning photography by partners OneTouch Live. One Touch Live is a Kenyan photography collective that tells the story of Kenya from a Kenyan perspective.   

Quarterly Magazine
This exclusive mini-mag is packed with stories from Hunger Free Quarterly partners about food, community and impact to inspire and educate. This beautifully designed mini-magazine with its stunning photography will become a great addition to any coffee table and will show you ways people from around the world have learned how to celebrate and why they believe that’s important.

Pre-Order Vol. 2 Now!
Ready to start celebrating? Hunger Free Quarterly, Vol. 2 ships in March, but quantities are limited, so pre-order yours at today!

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