Celebrate It All: Rain, Cookies, & HFQ Vol. 2!

By Jillian Zieske, World Vision’s Hunger Free Team

As a child, my mom and I lived in Seattle, Washington- an infamously grey and rainy city. When it wasn’t pouring rain, we were walking around the lake or to a coffee shop. But my favorite memories were inside when it was raining, because rainy days were for baking cookies.

This could be where my love for celebrating little moments began. My mom never let the rain get us down. This doesn’t mean we made cookies every time it rained (that would be a lot of cookies), but it meant the special time of baking together happened during those cozy days inside. This tradition became something I celebrated and I had our chocolate chip cookie recipe memorized by the age of 5.

So what does this have to do with Hunger Free Quarterly Vol. 2? No, we are not sending you my mom’s chocolate chips cookies (sorry).HFQ Vol. 2 is a tribute to little moments of celebration. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, you’re 5 or 27, creating moments to celebrate life with loved ones is absolutely necessary. We can choose to mourn the rainy day circumstances in life, or bake cookies to brighten them!

table2While poverty and hunger are gravely more destructive than rain, the solution food brings is one to be celebrated. So we’ve created this quarter’s box to be a celebration of life and opportunities we have to bring that joy to others!

Here are 3 reasons why Hunger Free Quarterly Vol. 2 should be apart of your next celebration:

1. Food should be joyful.

Hunger Free Quarterly is about taking time to understand the reality of hunger, while also learning about the very real opportunities for progress, relief and empowerment that will free people from hunger. Food is both an necessity and a joy. When we learn to find joy through food, invite others to experience that together in our context and make efforts to bring that joy to others across the world, we are changing the conversations and perceptions of our capabilities.

box 2 square2. It’s made to host.

All of the items in this quarter’s box were selected to create an experience around your table. When you invite people to a meal and serve yummy recipes by Aimee Bourque-Wimbush, we think it’s important to set your table with items made by real people with real stories (table runners and coasters look even better this way). You can also share stories of empowerment that are worth celebrating from the Mini-Mag, knowing that a portion of the box’s cost supports empowerment programs in Kenya.

recipe cards2

3. It’s actually making a difference.

The purpose of Hunger Free Quarterly is to create new ways to fund World Vision’s life changing hunger alleviation and empowerment programs. It’s a way to create a community experience that focuses on stories and conversations around your table, while also letting you be part of the empowerment process. In Kenya, Youth Ready, a program designed to empower youth, provides with training, tools, and food assistance to break cycles of hunger and poverty. All of these things are happening through your HFQ purchase – this is something you should definitely celebrate around your table!

So whether you’re making cookies on a rainy day, or soup for your family on a sunny day, Hunger Free Quarterly Vol. 2 will help you celebrate! There are limited quantities, so order yours so you can start gathering together. Pre-order yours at quarterly.hungerfree.org.

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