Better Together | How Hunger Free Empowers Communities

By Jillian Zieske, World Vision’s Hunger Free Team

Business transactions always impact someone, somewhere. I’m a firm believer that it is our job as global consumers to make sure our transactions have positive impact. So when our team was asked to create a subscription box, I knew we needed to use our transactions and the final end product to positively impact and empower beyond World Vision programs. 

We set out to first, and foremost, make a great product, knowing that we wanted customers to experience quality, ethical, and sustainable products that would outlive a single purchasing transaction. How did we do that? Partnership. We scouted for brands based in Kenya that are empowering communities through producing top quality products, treating their employees ethically and prioritizing environmentally friendly practices. Well, we found them! We are proud to include: Ubuntu Made, Mango Patch, and Banana Box Co as the product makers and suppliers of Hunger Free Quarterly’s first box


Ubuntu Made created the canvas recipe pouch. “Ubuntu” is Swahili for “I am, we are.” This pouch is custom designed exclusively for HFQ and is handmade in Maai Maihu, Kenya. Most of the women at Ubuntu have children who attend the Ubuntu Special needs school. Schools for children needing additional learning assistance are rare in Kenya, and therefore many kids cannot go to school and their mothers cannot work. Working for Ubuntu making canvas and leather products for retailers all over the world, including companies like Whole Foods, means these women make enough money to support their children and develop dignity and self confidence.


Mango Patch created the custom print HFQ tea towel. Founded on the desire to make homes beautiful with meaningful products, Mango Patch employs women in Molo, Kenya and teaches them the trade of tailoring for a fair wage in hopes that they can be desired employees in the marketplace. The Tea Towel in HFQ is made from Kenyan cotton and screenprinted in Nairobi with a custom Hunger Free design. 


Banana Box Co created the hand made spoons and pinch dishes. Based just outside of Nairobi, Banana Box specializes in traditional African items and also has stores within the city. The Soapstone Pinch dishes are hand painted with a custom pattern for Hunger Free Quarterly. The Small Spoons are perfect for cooking together and can also be used to mix cream and sugar into your morning coffee or tea. Banana Box Co uses recycled materials and is dedicated to creating the least possible environmental impact.


By working with amazing companies, the positive impact of Hunger Free Quarterly multiplying beyond what we’re capable off. That’s the beauty of partnership- we are closer to a Hunger Free world by working together. This truly is more than a box. We hope you’ll join us by becoming a subscriber.

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